Dear Shareholders,


It is 2016 already. As they say, time flies. As you browse through your website, you will notice that the website has been transformed to a working website with additional emphasis on selling our products.

We enhanced our call for additional sales with the launch of our Affiliate Plan.  Our goal is to add a number of affiliates with the intention of using that avenue in addition to sales people, to drive sales.

Please go to the protected area of the investor section of this website or send us an email requesting that your email address be updated, and include the corrected email address.

Because of the unique situation within our company, we have are asking our shareholders to take a more participatory involvement in the development of your company. This can be as a board member or as a sales person.

As always, we have our monthly call-in update meetings on the last Tuesday of each month. Please try to call in. More information on how to do so can be gotten on the protected area of this website. Send us an email for the password. Send email to:

When sending us an email, it is beneficial if you identify yourself by your real name in this or any communication you send us.


The Management